McKinnon keeps faith

Sunday marks the start of British summer time.

Hopefully by then Selkirk will have played their East of Scotland tie against Eyemouth United (2.30pm ko).

With 12 games to play, however, and no real signs of a let-up in the weather, perhaps players will get their wish and summer football becomes a reality.

Souters manager Mike McKinnon told us: “As our game was off last Saturday, this will be the second time we have met Eyemouth on the bounce. The last game was very close and I am expecting this one to be the same.

“We may not have been getting results, but our performances have been excellent in our last few games. I just wish we could marry performances and results together. I am sure this will come though. In the meantime we will just have to keep on believing.”

Selkirk are without Kenny Munro who is suspended.

Biggar again

For the third time this season, Selkirk rugby players head to Biggar tomorrow in the hope of getting a game (3pm ko).

Last week’s match against Stewart’s/Melville FP at Philiphaugh was called off on Saturday morning. Although team coach Brian Cassidy had been able to mark the club’s main pitch the previous day, drifting snow and sub-zero overnight temperatures scuppered any chance of play.