Everything worked ... for 
Spartans, says boss

IT TAKES a special kind of manager to derive positives from an 11-2 defeat, writes Kevin Janiak.

And Steve Forrest had to dig deep to smile at the end of the Spartans massacre at Ainslie Park on Saturday – but smile he did, at opposing manager Dougie Samuel.

He told The Wee Paper: “Their manager just said to me, ‘Everything we did worked’.

“I just replied, ‘Yes, it did’.

“Not just the things they tried worked, even their miskicks found their way to the right feet.

“But I say this every week – I don’t care about league games this season.

“I found out more about my players in that match than I would in 10 matches where we played well.

“You could tell during the warm-up we were not going to do well.

“I truly believe that there is not a nine-goal gap in skill between Spartans and us – it’s a psychological thing that we have to work at.”

Forrest said he is now concentrating on tomorrow’s game against Vale of Leithen in the League Cup.

He said: “The last time we played Vale, we competed with them quite well and we were probably the better team in the first half.

“It’s just that their strikers were better.

“We have bolstered our team since then, as well, and I think we will do well.”