Dingers have nothing to show after 90 torrid minutes

Gala Rovers6

Duns Amateurs0

FOR the first time this year the sun shone on the San Siro and it was pouring with goals instead of the usual rain, writes Debi Ritchie.

Following a few early chances from the home side, it was Kyle Collins who opened the scoring in sensational fashion after Andy Hardie created space for him outside the box.

Defending deeply throughout the match, Duns had very fewchances at goal. Rovers were let off when Fenton came off his line, exposing his open goal, but luckily C. Mackenzie was there to clear the ball out for a corner. Duns were fortunate to keep the score line down with the first half finishing 1-0 to the Rovers.

Into the second half, substitute Gow made an impact on the game as his cross into the box met K. Collins who tapped in from close range to grab his second of the match.

Hardie didn’t disappoint with his complex run, passing four players and blasting the ball into the back of the net, increasing the home side’s lead further. Gala Rovers veteran Shane Greene was next onto the scoresheet with a low-fired shot from 25 yards.

Stuart Noble added a fifth, closely followed by one from Middlemiss from a powerful strike which ended the scoring on the 90th minute.

Rovers added a deserved three points to their tally.

Gala Rovers: M. Fenton, S. Mackenzie, C. Mackenzie, S. Greene, K. Collins, A. Nicol, A. Hardie, B. Noble, C. Jardine, J. Collins, D. Sutherland. Subs: C. Macdonald, C. Gow, C. Middlemiss, K. Matheson and S. Noble.