Blast for Border Amateur League

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SELKIRK chairman Jim Moody has hit out at the Border Amateur League over a temporary ban on players if they turn out for East of Scotland sides, writes Fiona Scott.

Speaking at his club’s annual presentation of prizes in the Yarrow Park clubrooms, Moody lambasted the current amateur organisation, which prevents amateur players from going back to their teams for three weeks if they play in an East of Scotland League match, which he feels is preventing talented players from realising their full potential.

He bemoaned: “The Border Amateur League is again stopping players progressing to the Selkirk team with their outdated rules. It is about time the Scottish Football Association got involved to sort this out as it goes against everything they are trying to do to promote a clear pathway for boys to play at the top level.

“Selkirk just can’t afford to run two teams and get nothing back. In the last three games of last year we were going to games with just 12 or 13 players. We have to address this and see what we can do.”

Turning to his own club’s success stories during the past campaign, Moody congratulated all present on their hard work and commitment on getting through what he described as “a very difficult season”.

He explained: “Being docked six points after a mix-up on the team sheets right at the start didn’t help. And with a change of manager right in the middle, things didn’t get any better.

“At the end of the day, though, we got through it and remained in the top flight of East of Scotland football after a heart-stopping last game and credit must go to everyone at the club for believing in their team.”

Moody also praised Selkirk Victoria on their outstanding campaign.

He said: “The Vics had a great year and to go without a defeat all season and get promoted was really good, as it takes a lot to go though a season without being beaten.

“They also won a cup which was the icing on the cake for them. The youth set-up is going from strength to strength and there is no doubt that in the long run Selkirk FC will benefit from them.”

Award Winners

Under-12s: Most Improved Player of the Year, Cameron McLean and Joseph Milligan; Player of the Year, Fraser Easson.

Under-13s: Most Improved Player of the Year, Matthew Stanners; Player of the Year, Mark Rutter.

Under-14s: Most Improved Player of the Year, Jack McDonald; Player of the Year, Mitchell Brandon.

Under-17s: Most Improved Player of the Year, John McLean; Player of the Year, Bruce McKerracher.

Selkirk Victoria: Top Scorer, Darren Munro; Young Player, Grant Munro; Player of the Year, Ryan Pritchard.

Selkirk FC: Players’ Player, Jason Inglis; Manager’s Player, Des Sutherland; Supporters’ Player, Des Sutherland; Top Scorer, Des Sutherland.