Ancrum coaching opportunities

AGE GRADE football is about to kick off at Ancrum and the club are looking for volunteer coaches and assistants to take their already successful junior set-up forward.

The new season for the youngsters, who are split into groups of age 5-8; age 9; age 10/11 and age 12, begins on Saturday, February 23.

Anyone interested in helping out would have to have PVG/Disclosures completed and coaches would have to attend two basic coaching courses arranged with SYFA usually locally (Gala/Earlston) over 2 x 1 day sessions at weekends.

Coaches would also have to complete a first aid course arranged through Ancrum AFC. All fees would be paid by the club.

Volunteer/assistants primarily will assist with equipment and general management of kids on the day to allow coaches to concentrate on coaching and team management.

Anyone interested should contact John Parker, chairman, Ancrum Junior Football Club on 07826 256614.