Fighter John in the ring at the 02 Arena

Borders-based boxer John McCallum is on the bill for one of the sport's biggest events of the year.

John McCallum is to fight at the O2 Arena in November
John McCallum is to fight at the O2 Arena in November

The light heavyweight will feature in the Ultimate Boxxer show at London’s 02 Arena in front of 20,000 spectators on November 2.

McCallum explained it was three fights in one night and will go out live on Channel 5 with a host of celebrities and actors taking part with Radio One’s Charlie Sloth as guest DJ.

On the undercard is a feature bout with Idris Virgo, McCallum’s fellow contestant from TV’s Love Island.

However, despite the heavy showbiz element, the fighters are the eight best light-heavyweights in Britain and they are scrapping for £50,000 - described by John as “life-changing money”.

“The boxing side of it is very serious,” he said, “it’s at a very high level.

“They’re the best in the country, so whoever wins that can be considered the best light-heavyweight in Britain. Some people may even get a European or a world title shot on the back of something like that.”

John was in London recently to film some promotional shots and adverts for the bout and said it was very different, rubbing shoulders with celebrities when he would normally be boxing in front of a few thousand people and doing the odd press conference.

He says he wants to take this opportunity to impress: “It’s my golden ticket to the big stage,” he said.