Ettrick archers take a bow

Several members of the Ettrick Forest Archers longbow club travelled to Mugdock Country Park on Sunday for the first BLBS shoot of the season, the Spring Forward Clout, hosted by Green Hollow Bowmen.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th March 2018, 9:40 am
Updated Friday, 30th March 2018, 9:58 am
Elaine Pearson
Elaine Pearson

The fickle Mugdock winds took their toll on the scores but archers soon dusted off the cobwebs gathered in the off-season and began to build some useful points.

John McKellar took the double round victory for the hosts, scoring 29 hits, for a score of 67, including two clouts.

Green Hollow’s Ned O’Neil won the morning medal, finishing with 28, 63, 2 – but the afternoon medal was taken by Selkirk’s Doug Anderson, who had 22, 47, 0. O’Neil also won the best end shoot-off.

Other EFA scores: Kevin Janiak 16, 40, 1; Kyle Fairbairn 18, 37, 0; Jason Fairbairn 16, 36, 0; William Good 15, 28, 0; Nick Murrell 14, 28, 0; Jim Craig 5, 8, 0.

In the ladies’ competition, Highland Longbows’ Barbara Campbell won the double round with 49, 128, 2. Elizabeth Normand took the morning round, ending with 36, 76, 0 and Selkirk’s Elaine Pearson the afternoon on 11, 114, 1.

Elaine (pictured) also won the best end shoot-off with a stunning clout – the first time she has bagged one in a shoot-off.