City sprinter makes his name at Selkirk Games

Prior to Selkirk Games commencing on Saturday, the name of Tom Holligan was an unknown one on the open athletic scene.

By Fiona Scott
Monday, 16th June 2014, 10:34 am
110m winner at Selkirk Games at the weekend, Tom Holligan of Edinburgh.
110m winner at Selkirk Games at the weekend, Tom Holligan of Edinburgh.

At the end of the Philiphaugh track meeting however, it was a name that was known to one and all.

The 20-year-old from Edinburgh saw to this by winning the showpiece 110 metres handicap.

Running from a back mark spot of one metre, Holligan firstly exploded to a heat win in 12.17 seconds.

An established performer in top amateur circles, Holligan who is studying in Aberdeen then showed he had a real case to offer when soaring to victory in his cross tie in an improved time of 11.92.

This victory earning him a final place along with Darren Tomlinson of TLJT (12.5m), Leigh Marshall of Hawick (4m), Ryan Charters of Lasswade (8m), Jack Beattie of Rosyth (15.5m) and Edinburgh’s Kieran Reilly (6.5m).

Coached by Innerleithen man, the Reverend Ed McKenna, who has a parish in Aberdeen as well as being an athletic coach, Holligan was to get even better though.

For in the final, the strong running Edinburgh sprinter gave a capital show in romping home in 11.80 seconds.

Reilly gained second place and Tomlinson third.

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YOUTHS 800M: 1, O. Rodden (Jed AC) 285m; 2, S. Yates (Jed AC) 230m; 3, T. Otton (Gala Harriers 75m. Winning time: 1 minute 53.81 seconds.

800M OPEN: 1, 1, C. Turton (EAC) 65m; 2, K. Potts (TLJT) 80m; 3, A. Thompson (Jed AC) 65m. 1 minute 55.95m.

90M CONFINED: 1, E. Lowther (Jed AC) 8.5m; 2, L. Lowther (Jed AC) 15m; 3, M. Fleming (Kelso) 13m. 10.01 seconds.

YOUTHS’ B 90M: 1, D. Lockie (TLJT) 23m; 2, K. Womack (Lilliesleaf) 24m; 3, M. Hope (Hawick) 27m. 10.10 seconds.

YOUTHS A 90M: 1, C. McNaughton (Annan) 13m; 2, N. Campbell (Hawick) 17m; 3, S. Turnbull (Peebles) 20m. 9.96 seconds.

110M OPEN: 1, T. Holligan (Edinburgh) 1m; 2, K. Reilly (EAC) 6.5m; 3, D. Tomlinson (TLJT) 12.5m. 11.80 seconds.

YOUTHS B 200M: 1, L. Ainslie (TLJT) 50m; 2, T. Fowler (Hawick) 39m; 3, S. Davenport (TLJT) 50m. 23.41 seconds.

YOUTHS A 200M: 1, E. Huxley (Pitreavie AC) 30m; 2, D. Graham (Hawick) 11m; 3, L. Woodman (Annan) 20m. 23.20 seconds.

1600M OPEN: 1, K. Redpath (East Kilbride AC) 395m; 2, A. Laurie (Selkirk) 365m; 3, J. Thomson (Glenrothes) 165m. 4 minutes 24.24 seconds.

400M OPEN: 1, J. McIntosh (Kelso) 39m; 2, K. Potts (TLJT) 44m; 3, M. Fleming (Kelso) 50m. 48.86 seconds.