A season of success for Earlston bowlers

Earlston Bowling Club's 2014 Champions
Earlston Bowling Club's 2014 Champions

Bowlers at Earlston celebrated the end of another fine season in glorious conditions on Saturday with the playing of their annual rinks tournament, followed by the presentation of all the club trophies.

President Michael Scott congratulated everyone involved in making the season such a success, both on and off the green.

Earlston BC 2014 Champions (pictured above): Gents –Alex Moffat; Ladies – Beatrice Cameron; Seniors – George Moffat; Club Pairs – Anne Falconer & Alex Fairley; Club Triples – Alison Kellett, Norman Kellett (not in photograph) & Bob Beattie; Club Rinks – Andrew Black, Diane Mitchell (not in photograph), Denise Kellett & George A. Cessford; Ladies’ Pairs – Gail Moffat & Anne Falconer; Nomination Pairs – Steven Greer & George A. Cessford; Aussie Pairs – Andrew Black & Steven Greer; Presidents (Handicap) – Denise Kellett; Seven-Up – Steven Greer; Diddy Cup – Gail Moffat; Two-bowl – Alex Moffat; Points – George Douglas.

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Ettrick Forest Archers

The last competition of the club’s outdoor season was held at Thirladean on Sunday – the Combined Shoot, which takes in the three disciplines of clout, target and wand.

First up was target, as archers released two dozen arrows each at targets 50 and 60 yards away.

Then it was a new format for the wand section – all archers shooting six arrows each at 40, 50 and 60 yard wands, the top four going on to compete in a head-to-head.

The day was finished off with clout – 36 arrows at a distance of 180 yards for gents, 120 yards for ladies and juniors.

The winners were: Gents overall winner: Doug Anderson. Ladies’ overall winner: Helen Ogilvie. Junior overall winner: Kyle Fairbairn.

Gents’ highest score (clout): Alex Blake. Gents’ most hits (target): Mike Pearson. Gents’ wand winner: Alan Lindsay.



The club held its first competition of the season in the form of a handicap knock-out tournament.

Twelve teams took part with the preliminary rounds consisting of one game to 21 and the final being the best of three games. In an enthralling final with some long rallies and the game going one way and then the other, Gareth McRae and Linsey Evans won in straight sets, beating Gordon Yule and Bridget Gray 21-18, 21-16.



With the Border Ice Rink starting its 51st year of operational existence, by the time this is printed, a 50th birthday lunch will have taken place in the clubroom. Saturday will see a Birthday Bonspiel, between East and West clubs either side of a very wavy demarcation line, starting at 9.30am and ongoing through the day. Distinguished guest number one is RCCC President David Henderson in a very prestigious rink, while another notable entry is made up of curlers with 50 years playing at Kelso. In all, this should be a memorable occasion, followed by a dinner at the Cross Keys Hotel.

Border Ice Rink Club

David Kerr has been elected to the presidency of the BIRC in succession to Peter Bowyer.

This gentleman conducted his part of last week’s AGM in characteristically good-humoured fashion and there can be no doubt that the membership can be grateful for the power of work Peter has put in during this significant period in the 50th year of the club’s existence. The Iced Diamond award was presented to Bert Duncan for his great effort towards many and varied tasks set to him over the past season. Ever-ready to help with any problem, Bert is a true foot soldier of the highest calibre.

The financial summary was delivered by Mrs Jill Adamson of Rennie Welch and, allowing for the state of the nation, the club is in remarkably good shape. The summer toils of Graeme Baxter and Ruaridh Whyte in the clubroom and elsewhere were noted with approval by those in attendance, with brighter illumination and more space having been created.

Already a week into the new season, with Cullen Kilshaw emblems prominent on every sheet, there are reports of keen-swinging ice, no mean effort, allowing for the barely sub-tropical climate outside. The Agrii Border League is already under way, and most clubs will have already played their first games.


At its AGM, Kelso CC announced that Roger Lynn will be club president for the next two years, while, at long last, Jim Blain has been deemed responsible enough for high authority in as much as he is to be vice-president.

Caroline Newton will continue as secretary and Colin Carruthers will attend to matters financial.



The SLGA County finals were held last weekend at Hilton Park near Glasgow.

The Border Ladies qualified for the finals by winning the South Jamboree at Torwoodlee. They played exceptionally well to finish third against strong teams from Angus, Renfrewshire and East Lothian. Fiona Ker (captain) thanked all the team, including caddies Gillian and Kirsty, for their hard work and dedication to the cause over the weekend.


Border Golf: 1, G. Ford 77 (18) 59; 2, J. Gillie III 75 (11) 64; 3, W. Crighton 83 (18) 65.

John Scott (Plumbing & Heating) Seniors September Medal: A League winner, H. Carruthers net 37 BIH. B League winner: E. Macgregor 36.


A fantastic entry of 32 golfers playing for The Greenkeeper’s Trophy for which Martin Smith used his imagination and created an 18-hole course that tested the golfers.

Hats off to in-form Ian Scott (11) and George Cessford (20), who both had excellent net 58s. Ian won the ‘Green Jacket’ by way of a better inward half.

The 32 players, and two members who donated but didn’t play, contributed to a record amount of £490, which is heading to the Macmillan cancer charity.

Martin and Dorothy Smith did a fantastic job with the course preparation, organisation and catering, and a huge thanks goes out to them and to Macmillan for the job they do as part of their day’s work.


Thistle Brooch: winner, C. Dalgleish 90 (18) 72.

Lily Campbell Trophy: winner, V. Hogg 92 (20) 72.

September Clubhouse Competition: 1, K. Lochrie 77 (10) 67; 2, K. Haldane 76 (5) 71; 3, I. Ramsey 75 (3) 73.


Seniors’ October Medal: 1, B. Elliot 84 (18) 66; 2, D. Miller 82 (15) 67 (lowest gross); 3, R. Johnston 82 (14) 68 (scratch winner).

Seniors Stableford League: 1, B. Elliot 39 points; 2, S. Mabon 38; 3, D. Miller 35. League positions (September): 1, T. Glendinning 81 points; 2, J. Lunn 66; 3, R. Johnson 63.

The Gents’ Hole Cup: winner, T. Glendinning; runner-up, S. Taylor.

Pye Lyle Cup for Gents’ Pairs: winners, D. Howden & S. Mabon; runners-up, D. Willison & B. I. Hartop.

Seven juniors from Minto travelled to Gleneagles for the Ryder Cup practice day on Wednesday and saw all of the successful European team in action.

The group returned to Minto with many memories of a special day to go with the autographs of many of the leading players.

Seniors’ outing to Broomieknowe Golf Club: 1, R. Johnson 34 points; 2, A. Legge 29 (better inward half); 3, J. Adams 29.

Bright skies and warm sunshine greeted representatives from many of the companies that sponsor Minto Golf Club to the 2014 sponsors’ day at the club.

Nine four-man teams did battle over a course in fine condition. The winning team of David Bryson and Graham Forsyth (Fraser James), and Ron Elliot and Ray Chlopas (Minto) won the Texas scramble with an impressive net score of 58.3. Kenny Lyle and Alec Mitchell (Night Safe) and Douglas Callender and Scott Campbell (Towergate Insurance) took second place with 59.3.

The event concluded with a dinner and prizegiving presided over by the club vice-captain, Albert Thompson.

Karen Telfer continued her recent run of good form and won one of the club’s most prestigious ladies’ competitions, the Lothian Rosebowl, on Saturday. She was three shots ahead of Lynn Bruce in second place and four ahead of Flora Kerr, who was third.


Freedom Trophy: 1, N. Babington, D. Sanderson & R. Stisi net 128; 2, B. Fotheringham, G. Knox & M. Horsburgh 133 BIH.

Tuesday Order of Merit (round 21): 1, J. Penny 67 (1) 66 (lowest gross); 2, A. Chadha 77 (9) 68; 3, G. Low 72 (3) 69. Order of Merit Leaders: 1, G. Low 48 points; 2, R. Lacon 48; 3, J. Penny 28.

Stableford results: 1, M. Horsburgh 38 points; 2, T. Gilhooley 38; 3, R. Gladstone 37.


Border League

Bellhaven Borders Pool League Week 3, Division One: Waverley A 4 Reivers A 8; Fleece A 5 Fleece B 7; Ship A 10 Nikis 2; High Level 9 Waverley B 3. Division Two: Red Lion A 7 Ship B 5; Dryburgh 5 Golden Lion 7; Reivers B 4 Eildon Centre 8; Bridge 7 Red Lion B 5.


Border League

Week 2 Results: Hawick Burns B 2 Hawick Burns A 4; Hawick Con A 3 Hawick Con B 3; Jed Legion 3 Selkirk Con A 3; Selkirk B 4 St Boswells 2.

Week 3 Results: Hawick Burns A 3 Selkirk B 3; Hawick Con B 4 Jed Legion 2; St Boswells 2 Hawick Con A 4; Selkirk A 3 Hawick Burns B 3.



Final league standings – League 1: 1, A. Gill 16; 2, D. Burnie 16; 3, I. Chalmers 15; 4, D. Sharratt 12; 5, R. Kohler 4. League 2: 1, L. Molero 6; 2, D. Mills 1; 3, J. Eyre 0; 3, S. Walker 0.

Ladies Championship (first round): Rachel McAleese 3 Agnes Burnie 0 (9-4, 9-2, 9-5).

Club night friendlies: R. Kohler 2 F. Forrest 1; D. Sharratt 2 L. Bertram 0; A. Gill 2 L. Molero 0; F. Forrest 2 R. McAleese 1; R. Kohler 2 L. Bertram 0; D. Sharratt 2 L. Molero 1; R. McAleese 2 L. Bertram 1; F. Forrest 1 A. Gill 1; R. Kohler 1 D. Sharratt 1; A. Gill 1 D. Sharratt 0; L. Molero 1 R. Kohler 0.