The cake, the all mounts up!

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When it comes to the wedding cake, today’s choices are vast and exciting compared to tradition. Many people prefer to go for the simple three-tiered style with one or two fillings - probably fruit or sponge.

But cake makers today are offering chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, marble cakes and even single cupcakes arranged on a three-tiered cake stand.

Offering individual cupcakes is a modern way to make sure everyone gets a piece of the wedding cake and can also be a great way of incorporating your wedding colours into the food.

Cakes can be very pricey but if you know exactly what you want when you meet with your cake-maker then you should have no nasty surprises when the bill comes in.

Most designers these days can create anything you ask for - colours, styles, shapes and fillings.

Wedding cars are a fundamental part of your big day and are generally the first thing that will appear in your pictures from the day.

Choosing a suitable car can be based on various things - cost, availability, size, style and colour. If you’re going for an elegant theme, perhaps an old-fashioned car would suit you best but if you’re into glamour and glitz then a limousine may be up your street.

Or if you plan to be a classic bride, try a stretch Mercedes. Check availability as soon as possible and make sure you confirm, or you could end up arriving at your own wedding by bus!

Ask the company if they provide ribbons on the car and flowers in the back, and do they have complimentary champagne for your journey?

How many people can fit into one car?

Make a list of these things and be prepared for your meeting with the company.

Favours are a big thing for the modern wedding and most couples choose to offer something to their guests in return for their attendance and wedding gifts.

Favours are not generally big things, and can be done on the tightest of budgets.

The most common form of favours are sugared almonds in nets or decorative boxes.

Other people sometimes leave a scratchcard or lottery ticket at the place settings and if you’re doing the traditional Scottish thing, perhaps a miniature bottle of whisky with the bride and groom’s names on the front or even a picture of them. Or why don’t you simply place a small decorative bag or box on everyone’s plate and fill different sized vases on a table to the side with different types of sweeties. Then you can ask each guest to fill their bag or box with whatever sweeties they like.