Finding your perfect wedding dress

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Whether you’re at the stage where you’re confirming last-minute details or you’re still brimming with happiness at having been proposed to, now is the time to step back and look at your wedding plans logically.

The Borders has a wide choice of bridal shops, florists, beauty salons and venues to tempt you and help you make sure everything goes to plan.

First off, one of the main things which strikes panic into a soon-to-be-bride is the idea of finding the perfect dress.

What you have to remember is that “perfect” only matters to you – if you love it, it’s perfect.

But if you prefer to have a second opinion then make sure you don’t take along your mum or best friend especially if they’re prone to bursting into tears at such a vision!

You need someone you can rely on to give you an honest answer to the question, “Does my bum look big in this?”

Your best pal will be overcome by the whole situation and your mum will weep with a mixture of joy and sadness.

So pick someone who thinks with a clear head and can make helpful suggestions.

This doesn’t mean you should leave your mum at home, but ask her to watch silently if she’s starting to wipe away the tears.

When thinking about the image you want to create on your wedding day, start from the familiar.

Think about what you normally wear, your favourite colours, where the ceremony’s taking place, and the tone you’re aiming for - traditional, avant-garde or relaxed. Once you have a clear idea of these elements in your mind, you can start applying them to your wedding outfit.

If your body or choice of ceremony isn’t right for a white puffy dress, don’t feel you have to go for it just because of the traditional image of a bride.

Having said that, it’s usually a good rule to try on a variety of different styles, even those you think you will hate.

Often brides who were convinced they are the minimalist type fall in love with a princess ball gown, and wannabe-Cinderellas find they are actually more of a streamlined kind of girl.

If you’re planning to buy a simple dress and customise it yourself, there are fabulous haberdashery shops in the Buchan and North-east area which will be able to offer you a range of lace, beads, ruffles, sequins, pearls, ribbons and lots, lots more.


When choosing the right venue for your wedding, you should always make an appointment to visit several ceremony and reception venues, even if you have your heart set on one.

If you have chosen one based on how it looked at a previous wedding, or the last time you went there for a meal then you need to view it in a different light. The manager or wedding organiser will show you around and highlight the main areas you need to be concerned with.

Venues can seem like a whole new place under a different light and may not meet your needs.

Make a checklist and try to include some of the following:

l How many people can you accommodate?

l How many car parking spaces are available?

l Do you allow confetti to be thrown?

l How late does your license allow alcohol to be served?

l Is there a discount for overnight hotel guests attending the wedding?

l Can you store our wedding presents until the following day?

l Will we have exclusive use of the venue on the day?

You should also check out their status on allowing photography/videography at the venue and check they don’t mind your choice of providers for such things.


Photography is one of the most important considerations for your big day - this is one event you definitely want captured for all time.

Wedding photography is a very personal thing which should reflect your style.

The most frequently asked questions when meeting with a bride and groom relate to cost, style of photo and what is included in the package.

These days, most couples want to know if they can have their photos on a disc afterwards and they want to know if I can do black and white photos, which are very popular.

Another thing worth discussing is how long during the day you expect him/her to work.

Sometimes the couple just want a photographer there for the church and the reception but others want them at their house beforehand taking shots of getting make-up done etc.

Sometimes a photographer will be asked to stay for the evening reception, too.