10 funny tweets to get you through Storm Hector

10 funny tweets to get you through Storm Hector
If you don't laugh about a storm in the middle of summer, you might cry (Photo: Shutterstock)

Yellow and amber weather warnings have been issued for much of the UK and Northern Ireland as Storm Hector closes in.

Wet weather, fallen trees and wind speeds of 70 miles per hour or more are expected. There is also a heightened chance of large waves and potential for beach debris to end up on roads in coastal areas.

The irony of the country preparing to batten down the hatches in mid-June hasn’t been lost on Twitter users and – as always – they’ve got something amusing to say about it.

For those who like to stay informed, here’s a public service announcement from some alpacas

Anyone who was foolish enough to complain about the recent warm weather is now eating their words

And sports days around the country have been thrown into chaos

But rogue trampolines are obviously a massive concern for all UK residents too

Although trampolines aren’t the only strange objects you might discover in your garden…

Scottish residents are used to terrible weather (yes, even during summer), but this is getting ridiculous

Anyone who hasn’t seen Breaking Bad might not get this one but, trust us, it’s funny

But if we all just picture Storm Hector as this cute little beagle puppy, things will surely blow over soon