Youths urged to stop making Hawick 86-year-old’s life a misery

An 86-year-old woman in Hawick is living in fear after her home was targeted by rowdy youths, it is claimed.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 4:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 4:52 pm
Councillor Davie Paterson in Hawick's Howegate.

Life has become increasingly distressing for the elderly homeowner after youngsters were recently spotted kicking her front door in Howegate.

And in the early hours of a Sunday morning, vandals destroyed a concrete flower tub outside her flat. That followed a similar incident a month ago when three of her four tubs were smashed.

On top of that, youngsters are said to often gather in the stairwell beside the property to eat food and, dumping its packaging on the floor afterwards.

There are also concerns that last weekend’s vandalism might have been an act of retribution after a neighbour ordered a group of youths out of the stairwell area.

The elderly woman, who does not want to be identified, has asked Hawick and Hermitage councillor Davie Paterson for help.

He has contacted Hawick High School headteacher Vicky Porteous requesting that pupils be asked not to loiter around the stairwell when eating takeaway lunches.

Mr Paterson has also been in touch with Scottish Borders Housing Association to ask if it would be possible to have the stairwell agted off.

He said: “This is an 86-year-old woman who is living in fear and it is just not on. All I am trying to do is get her some peace and quiet in her old age.

“She is the owner-occupier of her flat but the man above is a housing association tenant. The problem is that any fencing would have to be paid by herself and it would cost an absolute fortune.

“She is being subjected to noise outside her property every weekend, and she was left to clean up the mess after the flower tub was smashed.

“She is wondering if it was an act of retribution after a neighbour forced some school kids out of the close last week, telling them they shouldn’t be eating their dinners there at a lunchtime.

“This lady does not deserve this sort of treatment in her old age. I’d ask youngsters to show respect.”