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THE issue is not just limited to Lauder, as Jedburgh mum Sharron McLean discussed the problem in her town last week.

She wrote: “Just been out with my pram again today, having to stop in the middle of the town centre to find a puddle so that I could wash my wheels.

“Dog dirt is everywhere in Jedburgh at the moment. It’s a huge problem. Something needs to be done about it.

“It’s not good enough for everyone to blame someone else. Everytime we go out its eyes to the ground, my son has learned the phrase, watch your feet! “

When asked how she would solve the problem, she said: “A town clear-up would be a start.

“Then, perhaps, stricter fines and wardens making a bigger presence.

“I heard the wardens were being axed. If this is the case then something needs to be done.

“It is not really encouraging visitors to return to the Borders – not the memories we want them to leave with.”

Her comments prompted a number of responses from Jedburgh residents, and other Borderers.

Louise Elliot-Simpson: “It’s terrible everywhere you go in Jed. It’s really bad in front of Howdenburn Primary as well.”

Kay Gilfillan: “If people aren’t willing to pick it up then they shouldn’t have a dog. Its absolutely disgusting!”

Leanne Macmillian: “The streets/paths in Jedburgh are a disgrace with doggy doo doo. My son is nine months old and I take him out in the buggy most days. Lothian Road leading up to Howdenburn Primary School is the worst, poor kiddies walk that way to school everyday.

“Why can’t dog owners walk their dogs in the abundance of fields and green space in the area instead of on our local pathways?”

Karen Foggan: “I totally agree but don’t know what the solution is because you have to catch the offenders in the act. I don’t know if any of you have tackled a non-picker upper but usually you just get abuse or told to mind your own business!”

Eileen Scott: “It’s always been more of a problem when snow clears – some people don’t appear to care and are unaware that it’s so easy, for children especially, to pick up all sorts of problems from dog dirt!”

Caroline Stillie: “I have four dogs and ALWAYS carry poo bags in my pocket – there is no excuse for dog owners not picking it up!”

Another to comment was Carol Oliver of St Boswells, who has set up a Facebook page called Dog Pooh in the Borders to highlight disgusting cases across the region.

She wrote: “It is a nightmare!”