Yetholm Loch dangers

I do not believe that there are any well-informed decision- making individuals or bodies who would support the potential damage to the setting or wildlife of Yetholm Loch SSSI nature reserve by the possible erection of a wind turbine while there are many other sites or technologies available, or likely to become available, where such damage would not occur.

There are comparatively few natural lochs remaining in this part of Scotland and this is the only one where public access is provided and encouraged with parking, paths and a wildlife observation hide.

The Yetholm reserve is managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and lies in an outstandingly beautiful valley in the foothills of the Cheviots. There is an abundance of wildlife observed, including otters, geese, kingfishers and feeding osprey. If a wind turbine is installed here, every scenic hill, bend in a river or valley is at risk of being blighted too.

The “windrush” has reached a point where we really must pause and rethink what we are doing to our countryside, as we now know that wind power can never be a realistic energy solution or significantly reduce our production of carbon dioxide.

If you are concerned about this turbine proposal, contact your community council in the first instance and don’t hesitate to make comments in the appropriate way when planning applications are announced by the council in the press.

Edward Hurst