Wind farm con game

Do I smell political blood – has the protected species wind farm been wounded?

Into the fray we have recently had our local MSPs John Lamont and Christine Grahame daringly join the skirmish supporting the efforts of Scottish Borders Council members in their struggle to oppose the Scottish Government’s determination to overturn local opposition in favour of pandering to faceless gold-diggers determined to destroy our countryside simply to turn a profit.

Let’s be clear what we are talking about. A wind turbine mounted on a building or a pole is to be applauded, encouraged and supported – it supplies directly a local demand thus reducing the otherwise required output from a conventional power station, but a wind farm is a different animal.

Forget for the moment the damage wind farms inflict on our countryside, the fatalities recorded for humans and wildlife as they are constructed, operate or burn and crash to the ground.

Concentrate more fully on the facts. The real problem with wind farms is intermittency. Wind speeds are more than difficult to predict and highly variable which defeats the concept of conventional power stations powering down uniformly as wind farms erratically and unpredictably feed into the grid. This does not and will never happen. The energy generated by wind farms is not offered when it is needed and therefore conventional power stations cannot use it effectively.

Wind farms cannot influence our need for conventional power stations in the slightest, therefore the claims made for them are based on deep-seated fundamental flaws.

Wind power is more correctly thought of as solar power. Wind is a direct product of sunlight which is why from dusk to dawn it is often quieter than during daylight hours.

Worst still, winter, when energy requirements are at their highest and daylight hours short, is the time when wind farms generate least – if anything, since high seasonal winds can shut them down altogether. In the summer months demand is low but output is high and since we (as yet) cannot store the potential, it is wasted.

Wind farm developers have no interest in protecting the planet; they are in it to make money. These opportunist individuals (backed by the banks we own) are making millions, encouraged by a government that is allegedly guarding our interests.

There is in fact no government subsidy towards wind farms. The income achieved by these blood suckers is not derived from taxes but from electricity consumers – you and me. Our electricity bills will continue to increase steeply for the next 25 years, guaranteed by the government, to account for the rising cost of buying electricity from these turbine operators. The hundreds of millions of pounds of profits that these companies will make in the next 25 years will be sourced almost directly from the electricity bills of ordinary people.

All I ask is for someone local to stand up and make a sound logical case for wind farms. I doubt we will find anyone brave enough or politically foolish enough. Take that subsidy away or reduce it and the wind farm will vanish upon the wind of its imaginary vision. In years to come we will look back on the single largest con game of the 21st century and those who immortalized it will have vanished.

Hugh Lovatt