Wind farm blight on the Three Brethren

In a recent edition of theSouthern you featured a group of people at the top of the Three Brethren who were there to highlight the impending desecration of one of the Borders’ iconic viewpoints.

If a planning appeal by Vattenfall and a planning application by Greenpower are successful, there could soon be a total of 20 massive wind turbines within a very few kilometres of the summits of the Three Brethren and Minchmoor Hill. The views to the west of the former would be undeniably ruined.

They would be there for a minimum of 25 years and even if removed after that would leave forever a legacy in the form of their huge concrete bases and scars on the hillsides bulldozed out to bring the turbines in.

As far as the well-publicised and spurious economics of wind turbines are concerned, these cannot be taken into account by Scottish Borders Council when considering such applications.

The Borders has, by common consent, got more than its share of wind farms, actual and pending, and if these two developments are allowed to take place a devastating precedent will have been set.

Brian Roberts