Volunteers pick up litter – but why do people drop it?

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On Sunday, over 30 people turned out, including three children, for Bin the Litter in and around Peebles as part of the community council’s annual Pride in Peebles project, operating this year under the Spring Clean Scotland banner.

Volunteers represented several local organisations, including the Callants Club, Gutterbluids Society, Round Table, Cuddy Action Group, Bonnie Peebles and Central Tweeddale Paths.

It is always a fairly social occasion and volunteers quickly sorted themselves out into groups or pairs, took on allocated areas, and after being issued with high-visibility tabards and litter-pickers, and listening to my obligatory safety briefing, set off in various directions to tackle the litter.

Some litter is obvious, whilst much is tucked away, almost hidden from the car user, but more obvious to walkers. It does not seem to matter how often areas are cleared, ignorant people feel it necessary to throw more away. How crazy is it that people carry heavy packs of full beer cans and other items of food and drink to out-of-the way places, consume it, and then cannot take the empty containers away with them?

Well over 70 bags of litter were collected, and other items included a bicycle frame, a shopping basket, lengths of metal and plastic, a bicycle wheel, an old traffic cone, and various other metal objects, plus many other miscellaneous items.

On behalf of the community council, I would like to thank everyone who took part in the project, plus all the organisations represented. Although the turnout was lower than we would have liked, there was competition from some other events on the day.

The community council appreciates the sterling efforts made by those who turned out, clearing river banks and roadside verges for up to a mile radius around Peebles. Thanks are also due to Ex-Cornet and community councillor Allan MacKenzie for acting as a support vehicle driver, and uplifting all the collected rubbish, and to A & F Joinery for the loan of their large trailer.

We were also grateful to Scottish Borders Council staff who co-operated with this event, providing litter bags and loaning some additional grippers.

Douglas Wright,

Project Co-ordinator

Drovers Way