Unaffordable when cuts are called for

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The Auditor-General for Scotland stated this week that the Scottish Government budget must be cut by £1.2 billion causing capital projects to be put on the back-burner.

The Millerhill-Gala railway project is one that should be axed. It is a luxury we cannot afford.

The branch line cheerleaders accuse those of us who point out this simple fact of being anti-rail. We are not. As a long-time member of the campaign to renationalise the railways (www.bringbackbritishrail.org) I resent that accusation.

My argument is that the A68 and the A7 should be brought up to modern standards before a branch line for tourists is considered, and only then when the British economy is out of the midden.

Is the Campaign for Borders Railway happy with the surface quality on these two vital roads? If so, it must have very low standards.

William Loneskie