UKIP alternative to Tory Party

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I was surprised by the news that Murdo Fraser, a favourite in the forthcoming leadership race in the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, plans to wind up the party if he wins next month.

That this provides David Cameron with the prospect of being the first British Prime Minister whose party has no Scottish MPs, is not surprising given Thatcher’s legacy in Scotland.

It appears that Mr Fraser not only misses the point of the Union, but also the fact that there is a party already providing a right-of-centre Unionist perspective at all levels – council, Scottish Parliament, Westminster and Brussels.

For those Conservative Party members and voters who are unhappy with the coalition and/or the direction Mr Fraser proposes for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, the UK Independence Party is interested in discussing your options.

For those wishing to find additional information on UKIP, there is the party website or, if you are within the Scottish Borders, please feel free to contact me at

Steven McKeane