Taking the p, or time off in loo?

I have always been under the impression that members of Scottish Borders Council were a bit of a joke – and this has only been emphasised by the article on page three of last week’s paper.

I refer, of course, to Councillor Jock Houston’s “comfort break” ban.

I could hardly believe what I was reading – a supposedly intelligent man elected by the voters to a position of responsibility and who should be striving to improve the area has, since February, been furtively watching and timing his planning committee colleagues should they take a toilet break during a meeting.

Perhaps Mr Houston cannot forget his previous employment as a teacher and misses the power whereby pupils had to hold their hand up in class and ask permission to go to the toilet.

As for the fact that Mr Houston “went into a whispered discussion with the clerk to the committee”, resulting in another councillor being asked to leave the chamber, come on, you are acting like silly little schoolboys, telling tales in class and not like the people in who we have entrusted the future of the borders to.

I see that this article has been picked up by the national press and once again highlights the fact that our duly-elected and well-rewarded councillors have so little to do they are just taking the p out of their position, or not if Councillor Houston has his way.

Duncan A. Rolland

Atkinson Road


As I perused my Southern Reporter, this article in it I chanced to see; a complaint about the time that’s taken, when councillors require to do a wee.

One councillor away for eight whole minutes, something that normal minds can understand; since the gentleman who felt he really had to go, maybe had to have a seat instead of stand.

To go around and ask some other councils, how long it took for theirs to get relief; although I saw the funny side, I really have to say such an action really beggars one’s belief.

So two minutes for the loo seems the decision, I really think that is not fair; one minute to get to the loo another to get back, but no time to have the piddle when you’re there.

Well of course this had to be the planning committee, with their ideas there is nothing to compare; So no doubt when you go to attend the meetings, you will fmd a plastic bucket neath your chair.

A. G. Allan

(community councillor)

Newtown St Boswells