Supermarket U-turn

If Shakespeare was alive to day he would say: “Methinks Cllr Brown protesteth too much over the proposed Jed Supermarket.”

The Scottish Borders Council consolidated five-year local plan which he, and his fellow SNP members, signed up to a few months ago, clearly states that the land where the food store or supermarket was proposed is zoned for industrial/ employment use.

So, why this nonsense that “members of the administration have dealt Jed a body blow?” They were merely sticking to the plan he had agreed.

The obvious answer is that despite being on the planning committee, a quasi-judicial body, which is supposed to set the highest standards in public office, he didn’t know what he was doing!

Did he seek to alter the local plan during the mammoth consultation stage? No! So come on, Jim, you had the chance to get this area of land redesignated and you fluffed it!

The application for a food store was made by Sheppy Industries, on behalf of who? Asda, Safeways, Tesco? we don`t know! The agent is BOX 22 Ltd. Who is this? The proposed area is only a quarter the size of Sainsbury’s store in Kelso, on land that you agreed a few months ago should be employment/industrial land , and you wonder why your fellow members on the planning committee turned it down!

Rather than blame “some members of the administration for dealing Jed a body blow” – fellow councillors, he should keek in the mirror, and he would see somebody who voted against officer recommendation, against the policies of Scottish Borders consolidated structure plan, and also the Scottish Borders local plan which he himself signed up to a few months ago! Methinks this reeks of hypocrisy.!

Councillor Sandy Scott

Scottish Borders Council