Scrapyards essential businesses

Wonderful reading on pages 22 and 23 of last week’s Southern Reporter.

A £53,000 fine for Cochrane of Duns, a scrap merchant business which has been going for 50 years or more.

It has taken our scrap and paid for it. It would be impossible to estimate how many gateways and paths are not defiled by scrap that Cochrane has taken away. It has resold useful bits to local businesses and many is the time we have been glad to find a second-hand car part or lorry gear box in Davy’s yard.

What is SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) going to substitute this with?

Well, if we look at the previous page, we learn that David Paterson, our environmental services champion, is preparing a similar scheme for Kelso at a price of over £1million.

We all know this means that pass-the-parcel time has arrived – the cookers and freezers from Kelso will now be entering the Borders farming scene. Don’t take my word for it, just pop out to the pond at Marlefield and you can see 100 electrical appliances learning to swim.

Scrapyards are essential for organised waste disposal. They need to be subsidised, not prosecuted.

With regards to Kelso’s weekly lorry collection, how much did the previous service cost? And would it not be prudent to find something cheaper and better, otherwise we are going to have rubbish all over Roxburghshire – and that will cost even more to clean up.

Miles Browne