SBC sound on turbine impact

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A tethered helium balloon was flown above Wark Common last month to illustrate the position, height and visibility of a proposed wind turbine whose overall height (to tip of blade) is to be 71 metres.

The tether of the balloon was 68m in length. Those who saw it, from both sides of the Border, would make up their own minds about the visibility of such a wind turbine in that landscape,

It is normal practice in the wind farm industry to describe turbines in terms of their height to blade tip.

Northumberland County Council has been noticeably inconsistent in this, for example headlining a 47m proposed turbine at Brackenside as a “37m turbine”.

Scottish Borders Council publishes a database giving details of every application as well as scoping reports.

Describing height by hub height seems comparable to describing a house in terms of ground floor ceiling height, and conveniently forgetting to mention the first floor or roof.

Andrew Joicey

New Etal

Cornhill on Tweed