Rubbishing elegant Kelso Square

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I write concerning your story about the proposed sculpture for Kelso Square (Southern, July 4).

Surely it is not beyond the wit of man to celebrate something of real relevancy to Kelso in such a statue without stooping to the “visionary” nonsense of artists who seek to force their ephemeral rubbish onto one of Scotland’s most elegant town-centre squares, the openness and buildings of which are truly outstanding.

Any “public art” must fit with its surroundings and not detract from them.

It should have simple and direct impact, of the correct scale, without the unnecessary extra frills which all of the shortlist seem to have. Nor should it have no connection to the town or so forced that the outputs of any local map might serve better.

One might also ask what state the statue would be in in 50 years’ time – doubtless effaced by weather, traffic and vandals, etc.

Nowhere in Kelso is there a commemoration of the greatest public event which has ever taken place here – if one ignores the tragedies associated with the abbey – namely the crowning of King James III.

Why not? What an opportunity missed by semi-educated non-locals.

G. Squires

Whinny Braes