Rowland’s needs you

Readers will be aware that Rowland’s has offered an exciting programme of events for the young people of Selkirk over the last two summers.

That has been possible thanks to generous grants from external funding bodies. This year, we have another summer programme lined up, which includes a wide range of creative projects aiming to develop confidence and responsibility.

Unfortunately, our previous funders are not prepared to back us this year, so we are being forced to reduce the scope of the programme and look nearer home for funding. We are therefore asking for financial donations to cover the costs of our summer programme for 2012.

Donations, large or small, should be sent to The Treasurer, Rowland’s (Selkirk), 24-26 West Port, Selkirk, TD7 4DG. If you are taxpayer, and want to increase the value of your donation, simply write a signed note “I wish this donation to be gift-aided” and enclose it with your donation.

David Bethune,