Right-wing agenda has ruined country

I want to add my twopenn’orth of complaint about the behaviour of the media and the lack of control exercised over it by the various organs of the state.

The phone hacking controversy, combined with that other scandal around poor care and mistreatment of the elderly and other vulnerable persons in private care homes, shows what an enormous mistake it was to retreat from local authority care homes and hospitals for those in need of care.

A major part of campaigns for privatisation was played by the Murdoch press and other media which tends towards support for a right-wing political agenda. Support for this agenda has been provided by successive generations of politicians from Thatcher onwards. It is now patently clear that this political direction has been fatally flawed in that it has led to the social and moral degradation so very clearly evident today.

The collapse of our banking system and the immorality that led to it also date from the greed so evident in the Thatcher/Regan years.

I do not expect this government will do much to lead or take part in any renaissance of morality and caring that the people of this country deserve, but I do hope it reflects upon the failures of all mainstream politicians over at least 30 years.

George Collinson