Removing democracy

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Kenneth Gunn claims there is no place for part-timers on Scottish Borders Council and that local authority business is complex (letters, July 18).

What he did not say is that the reason for this complexity is due to national governments removing democracy from the political scene and replacing it with dictatorship.

The fact that local government was removed from the people and handed over to political parties, enabling the Scottish Parliament to make decisions and alter laws without mandates, adds a complexity for councillors as they now have to act in accordance with the wishes of parliament, not the people’s.

Local government had always been represented by unpaid volunteers with second jobs. It was well run with regard to affordable housing, public health and education. It also employed its own staff to ensure proper maintenance at a salary, not a profit.

We are better having parttime councillors who have the interests of the people at heart – not ones from political parties who have removed a service that was local to Edinburgh, as well as reducing the number of sheriff courts and the overall quality of life of the Scottish people.

Mrs A. G. Allan

Glenburn Avenue

Newtown St Boswells