Question-mark over vote against Edinburgh region

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In his letter last week Councillor John Paton-Day tells us he voted with the Borders Party – the only party to speak out against joining the Edinburgh City Region in 2007.

I’m really glad to hear it. But as for his claim that councillors who are members of national parties are never told how to vote before a debate, what nonsense!

Why else do councillors regularly come up to me after a meeting, particularly when I’ve been talking about the railway or the city region, and say something like: “What you said made sense, Nicholas, and I’d have liked to vote with you, but you know how it is.”

The minute of the meeting records that apart from the Borders Party, two councillors voted against joining the Edinburgh City Region. When I emailed councillors recently to find out who these two were, five thought they had voted with me.

Clearly memory has played some tricks, and the votes of some did not reflect what they felt was right for the Borders.

Nicholas Watson

Leader of the Borders Party