Pub project’s poor criteria

I hope the Salmon Inn in Gala never lowers its standards to achieve the gold standard of Scottish Borders Council’s Best Bar None project.

I read the project results in last week’s Southern and I could not believe what I was reading. The Salmon Inn won a bronze award and congratulations for that, but the gold awards went to Wetherspoons, an anonymous chain pub knocking out cheap and cheerful food and very cheap drink.

The British Legion club, another gold winner, is a club and only serves members. It does not have the real problem pubs have where anyone can wander in off the street. The Indigo Rooms also won gold, and it is a night club and is only open 12 hours per week

I, as a publican of 35 years, would love to know where the Salmon Inn, that in my opinion serves excellent bar food and is impeccably run, can improve to reach the high standards being set by the likes of the Indigo Rooms.

Kenny MacPherson

The Swan, Earlston