Power price hikes

Many readers will have noted the super profits announced by the power companies. We have not been surprised by that, given the way electricity and gas prices jumped 17 per cent earlier in the year.

A family is said to be in fuel poverty when it has to spend 10 per cent of its income on power to heat and light their house. This is very relevant to the many Borders people who are on fixed incomes such as pensions or unemployment benefits.

These issues do not apply to MPs and MSPs within the 10 per cent of the population with annual incomes more than £40,000 and not in the over half that have less than £20,000.

The prospect of another long winter has been made even more intimidating when the Liberal Tory government in Westminster adds to the burden by increasing VAT to 20 per cent. Earlier this year the SNP having secured election here, abandoned the 2007 promises to eradicate fuel poverty by 2015.

Labour went along with the lie that all will be cheaper with the market. I think it is obvious we cannot trust a profit-driven market that does not take account of public care so we need to take back energy and power into public ownership.

Norman Lockhart