Power line problems

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Heriot is suffering the rerouting of the main power line running up and down Gala Water. Instead of going discreetly in the valley, it marches through the village and along the back road, very much in your face.

The reason, I understand, is to avoid the new road crossing that will connect Heriot to the A7 on arrival of the railway. This will be a massive dam across the valley to get height over the railway line.

Why we need it when there are vehicular crossings in the railway plans to the north and south beats me. Why not spend the money on improving access to these crossings, which would take miles off everyone’s journey?

We face expensive road schemes, including double roundabouts at another railway crossing north of Heriot and yet the Scottish Borders Council roads department cannot look at our priorities – the dangerous road to the school and the nightmare junction at Nettlingflat for example.

Will they ask us when the X95 bus disappears whether we want a railway station instead? I do not think so.

Peter Caunt