Placement way to a job

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Regarding the article on the front page of the Southern Reporter, November 3, “One job for every four on the dole”, surely every well-informed job-hunter realises that the vacancies advertised at the Job Centre are not the only jobs available. Many employers advertise in their premises, shop windows, websites and trade journals, local radio and newspapers.

Take my industry, hairdressing. According to our trade magazine the Hairdressers’ Journal, there are 14,000 unfilled posts across the country for apprentices, stylists, colourists, managers and receptionists.

There are plenty of newly-qualified hairdressers coming out of all the colleges, also those with an HNC or HND. Do they have enough or any industry experience? They should have because work placements are an integral part of any hairdressing course. Are there not enough placements to go round? If so, find some new ones.

Many employers no longer offer industry placements because trade students sometimes require too much babysitting. This needs to change.

So, to gain an industry placement, do your homework then make your approach. All employers, including me, are impressed when an effort has been made. Present yourself with CV and be prepared to answer a few standard technical questions and/or complete a basic trade test, depending what stage you are at in your training.

You never know your luck, and placements can sometimes lead to a job. It is the same principle no matter if you are unskilled, part-skilled or fully trained, for any employer, for any industry.

If lack of experience is stopping you getting a job, it is crucial that you get some.

Morag Sterrick

Aquarius Hair Design