Not our MPs’ responsibility

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Last week’s Southern carried a report that Tweeddale MP David Mundell will meet Sir Stephen House, Police Scotland’s chief constable, to discuss issues within the district.

As policing is a devolved service and therefore the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament and MSPs, local MPs really have no locus in this matter.

Too often I read reports of local MPs David Mundell and Michael Moore being involved in totally-devolved matters and this, to my mind, only confuses the public and undermines the authority and responsibilities of MSPs. It also suggests to me that MPs really have little meaningful constituency work to do and that they compensate for this by getting involved in devolved matters which, of course, covers the vast majority of constituency work and this falls to MSPs under devolution.

Messrs Mundell and Moore must respect the devolution arrangements and not get involved in devolved issues or, alternatively, stand for the Scottish Parliament at the next election.

Jack Wilson

Abbotsferry Road