Money for accident black spots

Money. In the end everything comes down to it. It should not and need not. Certainly not where lives are involved.

But David Parker tries to define it in terms of road safety or other priorities. We have to chose one or the other.

Seemingly we cannot afford both. So who decides? Well, not the public. And before someone says we do, we live in a democracy, stop and think about it.

Yes, we do get to vote on one party or another every few years, but after that, they pretty much do as they like. If your local group of councillors does not include the portfolio holder or they are not in the cabinet, you can forget it.

What we must recognise is that a small capital budget is part of the price we pay for being in a very small region. Either we merge and fight for a share of a bigger pot or we learn to make the best use of the funds we have. I very much doubt, if the public were asked in a proper survey, that they would agree that a transport interchange should come before schools or road safety.

So to the particular issue, Dirt Pot Corner between Cardrona and Peebles and the equally awful corner by Neidpath Castle. What should we do? Spending £6million or £7million just to fix one of them is not an attractive idea, and it would not be even if we had the money.

What might be a better way forward would be to look at the practicalities of installing demand-sensitive traffic lights at both and have single alternate flows. If the budget is limited we must get value.

The goings on in Edinburgh are a stark reminder of what happens when councils get involved in grandiose projects. Let us not compound their folly with grandiose schemes of our own!


J. G. Hanson