Little or no noise from Walkerburn’s meeting place

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I read with disbelief the article in your paper last week entitled “Domino effect could leave club chapping as noise complaints go to licensing board”.

I have lived in Walkerburn close to the HB Club for most of my life and have never heard – apart from the rugby sevens which is once a year – any noise coming from the premises, especially late at night.

The club is not just a licensed bar, but a facility that supports the whole community and its many events throughout the year, including the Walkerburn Summer Festival.

The village has sadly lost the George Hotel and residents have only the club in which to meet for a blether and to find out what is going on locally.

Surely the complainers realised at the time they bought the upstairs flat that some noise would be heard. What next? No card games, because the noise of shuffling is too loud?

If the club was to lose its late licence at the weekends as a result of this complaint, it may as well close down, depriving the population of 620 of an important and longstanding community amenity.

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In response to your article last week about the HB Club in Walkerburn, would the simple solution for the complaining neighbours not be to put in suitable sound-proofing in their property. It is surely the case, having bought the commercial property and turned it into a residential flat, it would be their duty to do so.

If they still can hear dominoes chapping then they obviously have not done so.

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