Kelso Square defaced

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Who is responsible for the bureaucratic vandalism that has defaced Kelso Square?

I was horrified on a recent visit to see two No Entry signs and a One Way sign placed centrally in The Square, ruining the best view of the piazza and the Town Hall. Whatever the imperatives of creating a one-way system, surely the signage could have been placed more discreetly at the entrances of Horse Market and Wood Market.

On top of this, Scottish Borders Council has removed the glorious floral displays that did so much to make Kelso so distinctive and attractive for visitors. The face of The Square is now pock-marked with huge ugly pots of bare earth, which doubtless will soon fill up with cigarette ends and other rubbish. If we can’t have the flowers, then at least remove the pots.

It is deeply worrying that the council should display such scant regard for the appearance of Kelso, whatever its budgetary pressures. As a frequent visitor to the town of my birth, I was deeply saddened by its neglected appearance in May.

I was told the council is saving £50,000-odd by abandoning the floral displays. What false economy in the hotly competitive tourism business. Lose 50 tourists and that £50,000 will be cancelled out in a week. Why would anyone visit Kelso if not for its historic beauty?

Rodney Pinder

London SE24