Hypocrisy over danger to animals

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I am writing to express my appreciation of the letter by Rab Stewart in TheSouthern last week which highlighted the Duke of Northumberland’s hypocrisy in his attitudes to birds.

Mr Stewart pointed out that the duke is opposed to wind farms because they are a danger to birds, yet he celebrated his 50th birthday by murdering 270 birds in a single day, shooting them for “pleasure”.

Mr Stewart’s letter reminded me that a great many people only express any concern for our non-human cousins in specific circumstances, such as when opposing wind farm proposals, but actually conduct their lives with total disregard for the basic rights of our fellow animals.

I find it very striking that, of those people I have heard object to wind farms because of their danger to birds, I have never heard the same people object to the killing of one million animals on Britain’s roads every year. I have never heard them object to the breeding of 45million pheasants to be murdered in Britain every year. I have never heard them object to the murder of the 2.5billion animals that are eaten in Britain every year, 900million of which are chickens and turkeys.

Like those oil and car companies that produce adverts claiming that they are “green”, it is a common tactic for people who wish to disguise their true selfish motivations to attempt to hide behind the pretence of environmental concern.

Graeme Darling

Oxnam Rows