Ghost walk thanks ... Saturday’s show was splendidly spooky

I am happy to say, that once again, the Newtown Ghost walkers managed to pull off a splendid show on Saturday night.

Although the weather was bitterly cold, we managed to have a big enough audience that everyone was snuggled together to stay warm.

From the opening movie credits, to the finale of fireballs, there seemed to something for everyone.

Thanks aren’t enough to family and friends who put in the time and effort every year to help put on this show. Every year we try to make it a bit different; and this year it wouldn’t have worked without the masses of help from Alan Fenning; who tirelessly made all the movie clips, worked mics and lighting, and generally ran round after us all. Thanks also goes to Malcolm McLaren from Border Sound who generously helped with supplying mics, lights, smoke machines and loads of spooky effects. Lastly our gratitude to John Swans Mart, who let us take over their sale ring.

A special thanks also to Tom and Richard from the mart who run around after us, move sheep and stay late to make sure we have every thing we need.

Lastly, a thank you to our audience; the whole event wouldn’t be worth doing if it wasn’t for the support that we receive from you year after year.

Sandy Bell

Newtown Ghost Walkers