Freeing ourselves from EU rule

There has recently been a number of cases of industrial action throughout the country because of threats to jobs, pensions etc. – all caused by government measures to meet the economic situation.

But those responsible are only looking at the symptoms, which will not remedy the situation. The cause of the trouble needs to be dealt with.

Nobody, even those in authority, ever mentions the basic cause, which is the fact that no government of a European Union member state can control its own finances.

Before the Westminster government revealed its budget proposals to parliament, they had to be approved by Brussels. The stringency of the budget was forced and the opposition in parliament knows that – it is only playing a political game.

The only answer is to end our membership of the European Union, saving £48million a day, at least, stop our government rubber-stamping EU regulations and then create normal international relations with Europe.

Our independence has been eroded over the years and many young people have no idea of the freedoms of which they have been deprived.

R. Alder

Harbour Place