Field gunners’ forgotten year

In 1956, I was in the Royal Navy’s Devonport field gun crew whose base was HMS Drake in Devonport. Devonport Dockyard remained the home for the Devonport Field Gun Association. I’m sure some of your readers will remember the Royal Navy Field Gun competitions which were part of the Royal Tournament each year until 1999.

Last year the Ministry of Defence gave the Field Gun Association notice to leave Devonport Dockyard. The association was fortunate to find a new home at Crownhill Fort in Plymouth which is now a small Devonport Field Gun Museum.

When all the field gun records and equipment were transferred to Crownhill last September, it became apparent that all records and photographs for the 1956 crew were missing.

I wonder if, it would be possible to trace any field gunners from 1956, or any other year, who may have some photographs or any other personal records or memories.

If we were able to make copies, they could then be included in the Museum records. Field gunners feel a tremendous pride in their achievements and I know how much it would mean to me and to any other 1956 field gunners to have our achievements included in the ruseum rather than feel, as I do, that we are the forgotten year.

I would also be delighted to hear from old field gunners of any year and, if they are interested, I could give them details of the Devonport Field Gun Association.

Stewart McKenzie

Clitheroe, Lancashire

01200 429825