EU rules cruel to lab animals

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I read in TheSouthern reporter of September 1 a letter regarding the appalling cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of medical research and charitable donations.

According to an article in another newspaper, under new EU regulations on the welfare of laboratory animals, pups and kittens could be clubbed to death to cut costs rather than a more humane injection.

As we all know drug companies make huge profits from the manufacture and sale of drugs – how much is a humane injection? More to the point, why do they breed animals they do not require?

A bill which could become law by 2013 appears to officially sanction cruelty to animals. How can we as a nation of supposed animal lovers object to the treatment of animals in other countries whilst the same suffering is allowed to be inflicted in our own country in approved laboratories?

The proposal will cover surplus young dogs, kittens, ferrets and foxes, many specifically bred for experimentation. One leading expert on animal research policy states: “It is one of the most extreme forms of officially sanctioned cruelty I have ever come across”

The RSPCA has said that if allowed this action would leave some animals in chronic pain as well as allowing inhumane killing.

I have always been sickened and shocked by the cruelty people seem to inflict on animals but to have this cruelty seemingly approved by our government to harmonise standards in labs throughout the EU is disgraceful.

Why cannot the EU take on board our own high standards, why must we always follow their lead? And what is happening to animals in labs in other EU countries? Why are our politicians not objecting to this?

I would urge anyone concerned about this to lobby their MP and petition Mr Cameron at No 10 with their objections.

Carol Berry

Midlem, Selkirk