Essential to defend Borders College

I tire of the pathetic arguments that blow around the feet of wind turbines such as that presented lately by Dr John Bell’s anxiety over sweety papers.

A singular justification for a doleful 50watts is all that is offered for the latest candy floss tower; ridiculous. Whilst the persistent and wretched debate on wind farms continues we are ignoring the greatest threat to our environment and that is the calamitous state of affairs now being experienced by the Borders College.

The current round of financial cuts is disgraceful and is a real threat to the future of vocational education in the Borders. Hardly a week goes by without the business community lamenting the lack of trained people available and yet the spectre of more cutbacks in the number of student places is drawn to our attention by the college principle.

Borders College is fundamental to the life of the Borders and must not be allowed to endure the level of cuts being suggested. It is time we took a proactive role instead of bemoaning the Scottish Office and cuts.

The amount of money required annually for the next few years while we are in recession can and should be provided by the local economy. The college is vital, an essential investment, an organic part of Borders life – we must take responsibility for its security.

Business rates are at a markedly low level and could easily tolerate a small percentage increase and, for that matter, so could personal rates.

With a little imagination and determination by the SBC, both the amount to be found locally to support the college and the method of realising it are highly achievable.

We seem to care little regarding the reality that every one of us is paying via our electricity bills for wind turbines. Perhaps we can be a little more understanding and face the reality that threatens the core education of the Borders. The college is one of our most valuable assets on a crucial level; its future must be safeguarded.

Hugh Lovatt