Education lobby making its mark

I read with wry amusement the piece in The Southern (August 15) about signage and road markings outside schools.

Apparently, Scottish Borders Council’s minuscule transport budget must find more than £14,000 to fund yet more wiggly lines and signs outside schools so errant parkers can be prosecuted with some chance of success.

Leaving aside the inevitable consequence that the new warnings will be a) widely ignored and b) rarely enforced by an increasingly hard-pressed police service, I wonder how many miles of our rural roads where markings have become an endangered species could have been repaired for this sum?

Centre lines are now rare across the Borders and give-way road markings at intersections are invariably worn out. With the nights drawing in, Borderers are presumably faced with another winter of trying to negotiate our narrow, twisty road network without these essential aids to safety in so many dangerous locations.

One might reasonably have expected the much-larger education budget to fund its own wiggly lines if they are considered so important and the cash could have been better spent helping all Borderers drive more safely this winter on open sections of rural road where speeds are invariably higher and hazards consequently greater.

Voter feedback to the locally-elected great and good has also been 
highlighting the dire and dangerous state of our roads as a priority, 
seemingly to little effect as another summer maintenance window has been all but lost.

But that reckons without the power of the education lobby – that great unacknowledged force in our local body politic.

Richard West

Inch Park