Consider the currency consequences

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We have read a lot recently about whether an independent Scotland can retain the pound.

The pound is the currency of the UK. Surely choosing independence is the equivalent of wishing a divorce from the rest of the UK.

When you enter into a divorce, the first thing you do is close the joint bank account because each partner knows that if you don’t, either can drain the bank account whenever they decide and there is nothing the other can do about it.

If you consider independence is like a child leaving home and setting up on their own, of course, as parents, you will try to help and possibly even loan them money, but you won’t give them direct access to your bank account or your pin number. We all know what damage that can do.

Perhaps this is why everyone outside Scotland is against us retaining the pound. Surely the Yes campaign have an alternative.

We must consider the longer-term consequences of our actions.

Jane Macnaughton