Concessions to non-payers

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Many refused to pay the poll tax, although it was the law of the land.

Those who did had to make up the shortfall in local authority funding.

When some who registered to vote in the independence referendum found themselves being asked to pay overdue tax, First Minister Alex Salmond stepped in and announced an amnesty for all those still owing money to their local authority. He went further and has promised to provide funds for local councils to, in part, make up for the lost revenue.

So the position is that law-abiding citizens first had to pay more to make up for those who refused to pay, and now must fork out again to fund Mr Salmond’s generosity with taxpayers’ money.

When the general and Scottish elections are held, it is to be hoped that law-abiding citizens will keep this in mind and withhold support from SNP candidates to prevent further concessions to non-payers.

William W. Scott

St Baldred’s Road

North Berwick