Borderers back the Union

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A lot of big talk about Scottish independence recently from the nats, but what of the south?

Our history, our identity, our culture, our politics, our customs are so different from the rest of Scotland; our voice should be heard as one from the Borders, not one of many in a Scottish melting pot.

Let us consider for a moment that the Jacobites actually get their way and, by the thinnest of margins, the country votes for independence. Whatever the numbers in the north, the south will give a resounding No.

It’s all well and good saying the referendum hasn’t happened and could go either way, but that’s nonsense, the south is solid unionist territory. Are we made, by force, to join this Highland revolution? Do we end up in a Northern Ireland scenario?

I for one have no intention of following Alex Salmond into the abyss. The SNP, with its obsession with Gaelic, its urban politics and their idea of “Scottish justice” for terrorists, has no place in the Borders. If the rest of Scotland wants independence, then let it go, but when the Borders votes against it, as we will, we too should hold our own little referendum; a referendum on whether or not we should secede, rejoin the United Kingdom and have our own devolved powers.

Now who in the Borders will stand up for us should that time come?

Jamie Armstrong

Bonchester Bridge