Your letters to the editor


Bake Sale

Chloe’s Bake Sale was a huge success and raised a total of £350 for her Borders Expedition Group trip to Malawi in the summer.

Huge thanks to all our family and friends who contributed with their baking and to the brave folks who came out in the horrid weather to buy from us.

Special thanks to Abbie, Tasha, Sonya and Nicola for helping out in the shop, Helen Linton for donating her lovely crafts and last, but not least, Selkirk Pop-up Shops.

Chloe and Sam 



Selkirk centre

I think the proposed Scottish Centre for Textiles should be a must for Selkirk, although I may be a little bit biased towards Selkirk.

I started my working life as an apprentice carding engineer in a mill in Galashiels but this mill unfortunately closed,and I completed my apprenticeship in Heather Mills at Whinfield .

We in the Borders could clothe the world, an idealistic dream but nice. Here in the Borders, the people I walked with hand in hand, on the low road or Wilderhaugh in Galashiels are but forgotten. I came across this poem – part of it which is so apt for the mill workers of the Borders:

Gone too, are the skilled textile workers,

Their expertise lost doon the drain.

Carders, spinners, tuners, weavers,

We will never see the likes again

Darners, spool carriers and the rest.

Border mill workers who gave their best.