Yetholm Loch protected

I would like to extend my gratitude to all those wise and wonderful planners, councillors and objectors who helped protect one of the Borders’ gems – Yetholm Loch – from the completely inappropriate intrusion of a giant wind turbine looming over this stunning nature reserve.

Wind power is not the only source of renewable energy and I would suggest that the most scenic areas, such as the Cheviot Hills and, in particular, near our rare lochs such as those at Yetholm, Hoselaw and Whitton should be considered as areas of “Great Mitigation Potential” where they could be enhanced by well-planned deciduous tree planting to the benefit of landowning businesses, landscape, wildlife and human amenity.

These trees would absorb carbon dioxide to help mitigate climate change and provide universally-beneficial renewable energy in the form of wood fuel.

There are better ways to produce energy and protect our planet considering the concern over the loss of rainforests across the world.

Edward Hurst