Yarrowford family’s plea over missing Ruthie

A much-loved pet dog has gone missing in Yarrowford.

Village community council chairwoman Jan Watson of Hangingshaw let her two-year-old crossbreed out for her usual morning wee on Monday, and she hasn’t seen her since.

“She is usually back in a couple of minutes, especially on a cold and wet morning, but I never imagined she would just disappear. She has never been away from home before,” said Mrs Watson.

Ruthie – who started life as Rufus until the vet revealed he was a she – was the result of an amorous liaison between the Watsons’ collie and lurcher.

“Her father is a lurcher and her mum was a Border collie, but she really looks like a Border Terrier with whiskers etc. on stilts. She is very friendly, afraid of sheep, and friends with our chicks and ducks.

“Her best mate is Tommy the rescue cat and we usually all go for a walk together until Tommy gets fed up and goes up a tree.”

The former teacher this week contacted the police and animal rescue centres, put posters up in the village and at nearby walking spots, and phoned local farmers, to no avail.

“I am beside myself not knowing where to look. I cannot imagine where she can have got to and we are very anxious,” said Mrs Watson.

Now she hopes keen-eyed Wee Paper readers can help in the search. Mrs Watson can be contacted at 01750 76316.